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Anticipation: New Luxury Caribbean Hotels on the Horizon

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

The Caribbean had built itself back up tremendously since 2017 when over a quarter of the island region experienced extreme damage due to two of the most horrific hurricanes. Newly constructed hotels, resorts, and developments are now popping up all over and are still underway until at least 2020. Curious as to what you should expect? We want to share with you, 10 of the most anticipated up and coming resorts in the Caribbean.

  1. Secrets / St Martin. Located in Anse Marcel, where the Riu Palace was once situated, the resort Secrets will soon stand. This 350-room hotel will be located on St. Martin, one of the Caribbean's most popular beaches. It will also have the island region's largest pool.

  2. Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski / Dominica. This anticipated resort will feature 160 rooms and a spa. Smaller in size, this resort will take luxury to another level. Sitting on the northern tip of the island, you can check out the resort's surroundings which include 365 rivers, waterfalls and other kinds of astounding natural beauty.

  3. O: LV Fifty-Five/ Puerto Rico. Located in the Condado District of San Juan, this elegant hotel holds only 26 suites. Local artists inspired the creation of this hip hotel, and it features a two-level rooftop infinity pool with a jacuzzi and two restaurants.

  4. Silversands / Grenada. With 39 suites of all different sizes as well as a large penthouse suite and nine villas, you can make your choice and know you're going to love it. Here you can enjoy the beach club, a large infinity pool, the spa, and the sea.

  5. Hodges Bay / Antigua. This hotel is situated on Antigua's northern coast. It 79 rooms, four restaurants, a swim-up and rooftop bar, and of course, an infinity pool.

  6. S Hotel / Jamaica. This 120 room hotel has everything you could want. With Sky Club and Signature Spa suites, it will quickly become one of the most popular resorts in the Caribbean.

  7. The Liming / Bequia. This quaint hotel is in the center of the Grenadines, where only 6,000 residents reside. There are a built-in yacht marina and a seafront terraced restaurant. However, there aren't many rooms so you must book well in advance.

  8. Jungle Bay, Dominica. What was the beloved Jungle Bay is now rebuilt and known as the Jungle Bay Eco Villas on Morne Acouma. Book a room in one of the 60 villas and enjoy wild adventures, yoga retreats, or even a fitness boot camp.

  9. Club Med Miches, Dominican Republic. This eco-friendly, all-inclusive resort four themed boutique villages.

  10. Anichi Resort and Spa / Dominica. Nestled on 12 beautiful acres in Portsmouth, this hotel has 128 rooms, a spa, private plunge pools, and much more.

Are you ready to plan your vacation to the Caribbean? Well, let me help you plan and book your stay at one of these fabulous new resorts!

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