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Palm Trees from A to Z

If you’re looking for a sun holiday, there’s certainly lots to choose from.


There are more than 7,000 individual islands in 13 sovereign countries and 12 dependent nations that make up the Caribbean.  Add to that, technically any country with a coast on the Caribbean Sea!


Every island and/or country has its own personality and culture from Anguilla to Zihuatanejo.


Let’s face it, Cuba isn’t known for its food BUT if you venture off the resort into some of the local restaurants, Cuban food is delicious, brimming with fantastic flavours.  The warmth of the Cuban people shines through in their preparation of traditional dishes.

Image by Stéphan Valentin
Image by Mark Jordan

Everyone knows Jamaica for coffee, jerk chicken and Red Stripe beer but did you know that Jamaica has a FREE “Meet the People” program where you can spend the day with a local person/family with similar interests.  Arranged by the Jamaican Tourist Board, Meet the People offers visitors a unique way to explore Jamaica’s vibrant culture. 


Moving on to Antigua & Barbuda.  Their claim to fame is 365 beaches – one for every day of the year.  I once asked the Tourist Board “What about a leap year?”  Her response was without hesitation “We have a pool for that!”  And there are definitely some resort pool areas worthy of that 366th day!  That said, if you are a beach person, Antigua shouldn’t be missed.


The Spice Island of the Caribbean is Grenada.  From fantastic beaches to great diving & snorkeling to top class super yacht facilities, Grenada has something for everyone.  Divers shouldn’t miss the worlds first underwater sculpture park!

Saint Lucia offers visitors the opportunity to hike two dormant volcanoes, Gros Piton and Petit Piton.  Or perhaps you’d prefer to lay back and sample a local beer named Piton (yes – named after the stately pair).  Saint Lucia is known for a rich culinary scene with dishes based on seafood and locally grown produce.  Did you know that Saint Lucia is the only sovereign nation to be named for a woman?


Tobago is most often overshadowed by it’s big sister Trinidad, but Tobago offers a truly authentic Caribbean experience.  Jazz enthusiasts flock to the island in April each year for the Tobago Jazz Experience, which offers performances by international, regional and local artists.  Additionally, the Caribbean’s answer to the Tour de France is the Tobago International Cycling Classic.  The TICC, held in October, has a variety of stages for all ages and levels.

Image by Claudio Trigueros
Image by Jorgen Hendriksen

Bonaire is a melting pot of cultures having been inhabited by Indian, African, Asian and European peoples since the early 1499.  Calendars in Bonaire are filled with celebrations throughout the year reminding everyone that life is about fun and dancing to the music.  Bonaire is a birder’s paradise with over 200 birds having been identified on the island.  More than 20% of the total land area of Bonaire and 100% of the waters surrounding Bonaire and Klein Bonaire are National Parks and are protected.  

Montserrat is awe inspiring for those interested in Volcanoes.  The Soufrière Hills volcano erupted in July of 1995 and has remained active rendering more than half of Montserrat uninhabitable.  Now, more than two decades later, Montserrat is slowly recovering, and the tourists are starting to trickle in.  Most come from Antigua for volcano-related day trips including the Montserrat Volcano Observatory.  Those who choose to stay on island in mid-March will delight in the week-long festivities derived from the island’s Irish heritage.

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So, as you can see, there are a multitude of experiences available in the Caribbean.  Reach out anytime and we’ll find the perfect one for your next journey. 

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