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Think About Your Luxury

Luxury means something different to everyone.


Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines luxury as:
  1. a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort

  2. something added to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary

  3. an indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction, or ease

I think definition 3 is the most accurate for describing luxury.

To the single Mom working for minimum wage, a luxury might simply be an uninterrupted half hour in a bubble bath with a good book while someone watches the kid(s).

To the stay-at-home parent who cooks daily for the family, luxury might be an evening out at a local upscale restaurant to indulge in a meal that someone else prepared.

To the middle-class family with two working parents running the kids from baseball to piano lessons to hockey to dance class, luxury might be an average all-inclusive where they can all unwind and spend some quality time together outside of the car.

To the executive working 100-hour weeks, luxury might be an ultra luxurious all-inclusive cruise vacation with business class air, butler service and massages available at the spa.


When we look at the idea of luxury travel, some luxury vacations might not even be as expensive as you would expect.

For example, would it surprise you to find out that, at the time of developing this page (in Sep 2019), you could book a 7-day all-inclusive vacation at a luxury resort, complete with butler service, for a family of four and it would cost less than

C$ 7,000.00 total including taxes*.

Luxury could also be a “bucket-list” destination and not necessarily the method of travel.  Perhaps it’s an “off-the-grid” shack on a beach in Bali, an exploration cruise in the Arctic, or simply a city hotel in London or Paris from which to explore.  Maybe your luxury is Tulips in Holland, Christmas Markets in Germany or Wine in Southern France.  Your luxury might even be closer to home with a glitzy suite in Vegas, a Mississippi river cruise on a paddle wheeler or glacier trekking in Alaska.

That’s the beauty of travel.  Whatever your definition of luxury is, trust me, it’s out there.

*Based on 2 adults & 2 children under 12 departing 15-Apr-2020 with Air Canada Vacations to the Royalton Riviera Cancun in a Diamond Club Luxury Junior Suite Oceanview Room booked 24-Sep-2019 – Grand total C$ 6,956.00 including taxes.

Contact us and let’s find your luxury together!

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