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Hi there!

I’m Janna and I am your personal Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC) and Master Cruise Counsellor (MCC).

I’ve been travelling since I was in diapers.  I had some great trips with my parents when I was growing up and then with my own family as an adult.  In fact, I remember one road trip with my family where we gave the kids a map and told them they could figure out where we were going by following along with the highways!  

It seemed only logical that, after 25 years in the corporate world, I should opt for a career in the travel industry.  That sparked the launch of Great Latitudes Travel.

I’m here to make booking your next journey an enjoyable, stress-free experience.  The best part of my day is bringing your travel dreams to life.

Although I can handle all your travel needs, my areas of expertise are cruises and palm trees.  So, if you’re looking to sail away to reggae beats, shop the European markets along the Danube or just flop on the beach with a frozen drink, I’m your gal.

I enjoy getting to know my clients, so your travel planning is seamless.  I will already know that you prefer an aisle seat on the plane, a balcony cabin on your cruise or butler service at your all-inclusive resort.

In exchange for me getting to know you, I’ll tell you a little about me:

  • I like Jazz & the Blues, a good red wine, and dark chocolate.

  • I am fluent in sarcasm thanks to two adult kids.

  • I’ve been blessed with three grandkids that are my pride and joy unless they’re throwing a tantrum, in which case they absolutely belong to someone else!

The rest you’ll have to find out as we go along.  

Let’s get to know each other…

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