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Virgin Voyages: Bringing a Sea of Change

While new, Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Voyages is expected to quickly garner the praise of many through their onboard enterprises, alluring cabins, and adventurous destinations.

What sets Virgin Voyages apart is that cruises are “adult only by design” (18+). All cruises include Wifi, food, basic non-alcoholic beverages, gratuities, and group workouts.

Virgin Voyages is aiming to minimize environmental impacts, establish responsible supply chains, promote thriving local economies, and play a leading role in protecting and restoring the ocean’s health.

Virgin Voyages has superyacht-inspired cabin designs that provide the ultimate room technology and spaces for sailing the seven seas. The sea terraces offer spectacular views of the sea and horizon. The RockStar Quarters come with premium amenities and spaces that redefine the idea of staterooms. Most of the rooms accommodate 2-4 people for cozy escapes.

A Michelin-starred chef collective fashions incredible onboard dining experience, offering more than 20+ distinctive and tasty specialty eateries. Through their fresh ingredients and foodie-approved eateries, all cravings can be satisfied completely.

Virgin Voyages shines in their entertainment area as well. Through collaboration with the world’s most renowned producers, directors, choreographers, and artists, look forward to never before seen at sea, immersive and modern entertainment. Explore The Manor, a two-story, three-bar space layered with a moody ‘70s vibe.

The wellness and personal style spaces are nothing less extraordinary. From sunrise yoga, outdoor boxing, meditation, HIIT workouts to hot stone massage and treatment at the medi spa, there is a spot for you to take care of your well-being.

Sea for yourself - contact us for more information!

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