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Dining Inspiration While In Mexico City

One of the major portions of vacation planning and budget dedication is for food. Vacation or not, you are going to need three meals a day and it is something that needs to be partially planned out. There will be times when you can eat on the go or hit up the hotel breakfast, but there are other times when you want to enjoy a special meal. Here are 4 qualities to look for when you want to have a special meal in Mexico City.

1. Outdoor Seating- Mexico City is a place of beautiful sights and a personality all its’ own. Sitting outside for a meal is a way to be able to slow down and enjoy the surroundings of the city while enjoying a great meal. Outdoor seating allows you to take it all in and enjoy it in a beautiful place.

A. San Angel Inn is a restaurant in a converted monastery with a beautiful outdoor courtyard complete with fountain and great greenery.

B. Azul Historico is another restaurant with a great outdoor seating option on their rooftop terrace located in the heart of the downtown district.

2. Ambiance- The ambiance of a restaurant emits an aura and evokes a mood or feeling its’ patrons. These dining experiences will result in a certain feeling during the meal. It can be an upscale restaurant and the diners will feel as if they are on a celebrity status. Trendy places can evoke a feeling of intimacy and knowing about a place that all others may not have discovered.

A. Central Central is a trendy restaurant that has established a rustic ambiance for patrons. They have created this ambiance with wood furniture and old sculptures, so their patrons can enjoy upscale fare, next to a cozy fire, with a great glass of wine.

3. Cultural Cuisine- Part of the international experience is experiencing the cuisine they have to offer that is unlike anywhere else in the world. Food is an important part of any culture, especially in Latin America. Cultural cuisine represents their history and how the culture is evolving in modern times.

A. Raiz: Cocina de Estaciones offers a seasonal menu highlighted by local beers and mezcals. It is a restaurant that serves the cultural meals of Mexico as determined by the offerings of the given season. It is a great way to taste the produce and other food offerings that are native to Mexico whenever you are there.

4. Variety- Cultural cuisine is great, but there are times that a traveler will need a little variety. It is fun to see how different types of cuisine are presented and offered in other countries. It is also a way to not overload on the “same things” every night.

A. Tori Tori is a Japanese restaurant tucked away in Mexico City. They have a full menu of Japanese fare, including the sushi and Sake, with a backdrop of Mexico City. It is an interesting way to experience the type of food you are familiar with in a whole new way.

Meals on vacation are an experience. It will all depend on what the traveler is looking for in their meal on a particular day. It is a good idea to do some research and have an idea of the different types of restaurants so that you know where you want to go. It can make a vacation great when you plan out certain meals to be special ones.

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