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Decadent Journeys on The Orient Express

If you appreciate the finer things in life, then why not experience the epitome of luxury on The Orient Express? The Venice Simplon experience takes you on an incredible adventure, where you can appreciate the art-deco ambiance of the 1920s.

Step Into Another World

Founded in 1977 by Belmond’s owner James B Sherwood, the Venice-Simplon started as two trains in need of extensive renovations. Noticing that people wanted to experience luxurious travel, he restored the trains and created a vintage appeal.

The Venice-Simplon Orient Express is a stunning train, and stepping inside makes you feel as if you’re traveling back through time. With a vintage feel, each cabin features art-deco details and French cherry wood.

European Adventure

Venice-Simplon trains travel from Venice to London or Paris, with many stops along the way. You can choose if you’d like to experience the full four days, or experience a shorter trip to a range of exotic destinations.

Celebrate your anniversary with a romantic one night trip from London to Verona, or choose Paris as your departure city. Venice-Simplon focuses on taking you to the most exotic places in Europe, including:






Luxury Accommodation

You can choose from a range of cabins, and each is decorated in the 1920s style. The stewards remove the beds each morning, so your cabin becomes a luxury living room. No detail is over-looked at Venice-Simplon, and the experience is incredible.

There are a range of suites to choose from, including single person, twin cabins, and luxury suites for those who appreciate decadence.

Artisans spent ages restoring the carriages, so you can be sure that your experience of 1920s decadence will be as realistic as it can be.

Fine Dining For All

You can enjoy an incredible dining experience while onboard the train. The staff source fresh food at each stop, so it’s common to see them inspecting lobsters and other fresh seafood. The chef uses the freshest seasonal ingredients, and each stop means you’ll sample the cities most exquisite food.

Embark on the Journey of a Lifetime

Many places in the world offer luxurious travel, but nothing compares to The Orient Express. Made famous by books and movies, you can embark on your romantic adventure. Reach out anytime for more information or to book your journey aboard the Orient Express.

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