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10 Items You Should Never Wear During Your Travels

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Regardless of where travels take you, what you wear abroad should always be a concern. When you're in a foreign land, natives don't take kindly to those that stand out in the crowd. Instead, it's best to blend in with your surroundings. Packing will take consideration if you don't wish to offend anyone.

  1. Leave the brazen clothing in the closet! Don't even think to pack up your mini skirts and crop tops. Unlike America, immodest clothing is usually very frowned upon in other nations, especially those with strong religious beliefs. The less revealing your clothes, the better. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean you must wear pants and sweaters in the middle of the hottest month.

  2. Keep the glitz and glam of your accessories to a minimum. Wearing flashy jewelry and expensive accessories to another country could put a target on your back. To avoid being mugged, keep it simple.

  3. Forget the sneakers and open-toed shoes. In some countries, certain shows such as sandals and sneakers are looked down upon. Not to mention, sneakers scream American while wearing open-toed shoes makes you susceptible to bug bites and scratches.

  4. Sadly, you should leave the shorts at home. Some cultures don't allow women to show their legs. If you must bring along shorts due to the heat, only wear them while hiking, going to the beach, or at the park.

  5. Never bring clothes with offensive words or images. Of course, some of us like to push limits. Nevertheless, it's best to keep those kinds of clothing items behind.

  6. You don't need vibrant clothing, bold colors and patterns. To avoid drawing attention to yourself stick with neutral-colored clothes.

  7. Bring jeans but only if you must. Jeans may be fashionable nearly everywhere but make sure they are well-pressed and not too baggy or too tight. You don't want to disrespect anyone by appearing too casual during your visit, especially to a mosque, church, or another religious site.

  8. Try to stay away from offensive colors. With a little research, you can find out what colors may be offensive to a specific nation. For example, in Africa, the color white is only meant to be worn at ceremonies for the dead.

  9. Bring your camera but don't keep it out all the time. If you must snap a photo, take one or two and put the camera away. Don't leave it visible as you carry it around either.

  10. Take along an appropriately sized backpack. If you're hiking mountains, then, by all means, take along a big pack. However, for roaming cities, it's best to have a much smaller bag that straps around your chest for safety.

Don't be afraid to pack now that you've learned of all the things you should avoid while traveling abroad. Just be cautious of what you pack to wear and try to avoid anything that will make you stick out. Because no matter what you wear, you're bound to have a great time!

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